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We are a professional manufacturer with a comprehensive and scientific quality management system

We are a professional manufacturer with a comprehensive and scientific quality management system. Our Metal Slatwall Double Sided Gondola, metal storage shelving units, and heavy duty industrial shelving are all products that we produce. We have been pursuing a strategy that places a strong emphasis on both the market and the satisfaction of our customers. Our company has a wide variety of professional technical staff members as well as senior management staff members, and smd reel storage tower has gradually developed a robust system that includes research, production, sales, and first-rate after-sales service. We have high hopes that our workforce will embrace the concept of co-existence and co-development with the company, as well as acknowledge their unique contribution to the evolution of the business. You can rely on us to be an environmentally responsible partner.

GVO After Dark S4 EP10 Halloween SpecialGVO After Dark S4 EP10 Halloween Special

Pickling and phosphating are advantageous methods of rust and corrosion prevention;

Consisting of a close combination, a high strength, a stable fastening, resistance to corrosion, and a large bearing capacity;

Personal access to each and every pallet, up to the full height of the warehouse.

Structure consisting of an upright frame, a beam, and a shelf or layer;

Featuring a price tag, a column measuring 30 mm by 60 mm by 2.0 mm, a back plate with a thickness of 0.6 mm, a laminate with a thickness of 0.7 mm, and a support arm with a thickness of 2.5 mm, this item is able to coordinate with all operational and handling equipment.

Solutions for Electronics Manufacturers utilizing SMT that Allow for Either Increased Productivity and Accuracy or Decreased Organization of Reels

If you've started to notice problems with your current picking system and you work with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or Electronic Board Technology, then it's possible that it's time to reevaluate the status quo. It's possible that a few orders have been filled incorrectly; it's also possible that your floor is too crowded; and it's also possible that it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep your circuit boards, controllers, and other components organized.

When all is said and done, the ultimate objective of your picking system should be to organize your reels and make SMT Reel Storage simple to access them. Although upgrading may seem like a daunting task to undertake, there are ways to reconfigure your existing setup in order to improve the amount of time you spend producing.

There is a solution that you should take into consideration if you do not have a good handle on inventory and spend an excessive amount of valuable time searching for and manually picking products from racks or cabinets.

Infismash are able to store a large amount of data in a relatively small area while maintaining a high density. Carousels that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial to ergonomics can help you get organized. Each carousel is equipped with a special composite posting board on the front side for electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions. Additionally, an anti-static wire is attached to the operator as well as the machine in order to prevent static buildup.

Products that are stored away are brought directly to you by infismash carriers and adjustable shelves, which are positioned at an ergonomically optimal height. The utilization of light directed picking in conjunction with bar code verification guarantees that the appropriate component is retrieved. The software will retrieve the reels in the most efficient order possible based on their position in the carousel. In addition to the incredible speed and precision of picking, you will probably also gain a significant amount of floor space even while increasing your storage capacity. Because you now have more space, you have the opportunity to potentially install additional production machinery, which will lead to an increase in your return on investment.

In order to guarantee an accuracy rate of 99.9 percent, carousel software such as Kardex Remstar's Power Pick Global is able to run all of the order picking technologies listed below:

Picking technology that makes use of barcode scanner picking is not only simple to learn but also incredibly accurate and works wonderfully for FIFO inventory control.

• Bar code confirmation—simply scan the reel or the location. • Lot number and serial number printing. • Label printing. The system is able to print labels with information regarding identity and quantity.

Get the Upper Hand

The new technology that you are using to manage your inventory includes software that records all transactions, which guarantees the traceability of your inventory through the use of serial numbers. This documentation is necessary for you to effectively manage your inventory.

Every director of a storage facility should make productivity one of their top priorities at all times. The use of automated picking allows for the picking of more than one reel at once, an increase in picking speed, accuracy, and efficiency, and the potential for a reduction in the amount of labor needed. In order to deliver the items, the software rotates the carousel in the order that is both the quickest and the most logical.

Case in point

One of our clients on Long Island is a company that works as a contract supplier for the aerospace industry. They run their business with eight carousels at the moment and have had a lot of success using this technology for the past five years.

Ongoing Support

Your supplier of material handling equipment should offer ongoing support for your product purchases, including assistance with any problems that may arise with the computer's operating system or its application software. Carousels, on the other hand, have a very high level of dependability and typically come with a software license agreement and a warranty that lasts for five years.

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