In the field of CNC machining the three coordinate measuring machine is a tool that is frequently employed

The industry of CNC online machining services makes extensive use of three coordinate measuring machines, also known as CMMs

The industry of CNC online machining services makes extensive use of three coordinate measuring machines, also known as CMMs. It is an effective tool for die technology to ensure unrivaled quality, as well as a modern, intelligent tool for design, development, testing, and statistical analysis.

  • If there is a deviation in the core cavity that matches the guide post and the guide sleeve, then the CMM can be corrected by finding the deviation in the core cavity

  • After molding the mold cavity contour, many inserts and local surfaces are formed on the CNC EDM machine through electrodes

  • Because of this, the quality of electrode processing and surface quality becomes the key quality when the quality of the surface is not up to standard

  • Because of this, using a CMM to measure the shape of the electrode is essential


CMM is able to apply a 3D model input to the production mold and mold orientation, as well as size, shape, and position tolerance; measurement curve and surface; graphic report output; intuitive and clear reflection of quality; all of these features come together to form a complete mold product test report. Some molds wear out over time and need to be modified, but in situations where the original design data (model) is not available, the cross-sectional collection point cloud can be used, provided that order cnc machined parts is in a format that has been prescribed, and the probe radius compensation after modeling can be used to achieve satisfactory results.

Clay or plaster can be used as the end of the embryo surface in situations where the surface contour is neither round nor parabola but rather some sort of irregular surface. After that, measurements were taken of each section of the CMM line, as well as the line's characteristics and classification, utilizing a predetermined format. This was followed by the molding process of the smooth curve, followed by the design and production of a new mold.

The measuring machine is the industry standard for providing quality assurance in the mold industry and is the tool of choice for businesses that specialize in the manufacture of molds. To determine how well one is able to handle a variety of responsibilities while maintaining a high level of accuracy; to arbitrate. At the same time, in order to provide dimensional data for process control, measuring machine products for testing, machine calibration, customer, quality certification, metering, inspection, Online cnc machining service testing, and optimization of machine Settings and other additional performance.

The highly flexible CMM can be configured in the workshop environment, directly participate in the processing, assembly, testing, and maintenance stages, provide the necessary test feedback, reduce the amount of rework done, and shorten the development cycle. The measuring machine has strong reverse engineering ability and is an ideal digital tool. The data and geometry of the workpiece surface can be obtained quickly and accurately by combining various types of probes and structural shape measuring machines. This is especially helpful for the design of molds, the replication of samples, the assessment of damage, and the repair of molds.

The measuring machine can also be outfitted with contact and non-contact scanning probes, and the PC-DMIS software offers powerful scanning functions to complete the replication of free-form features of complex CAD modeling. In addition, the measuring machine is equipped with the ability to scan in both directions. It can be directly identified by a wide variety of CAD software and programming without requiring any conversion, which results in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the design. 

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